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We all use some form of medical product every day (some of us use many). A lot of these items we had never heard of before having a complex child. Some of the equipment we love, some not so much. In this section we will lay out the good and bad. These reviews are done by the caregiver/parent and not by the retailer. Our intention is to offer MOMs a place to get real feedback on medical products. We welcome you to contribute your own product reviews and/or notes on existing products.

This image indicates and item that is typically covered partially or completely by insurance/Medicaid.

User reviews may include: Medical Equipment of any kind, toys, clothes, or anything you need/use to care for a medically involved person.


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Sterilizing Bottles/Toys

Product: Boon Grass Contertop Drying Rack
Pros: Compact, even though it’s for bottles and typical baby supplies it holds most syringes perfectly. Makes it easy to find the size syringe you need rather than digging through a pile in a towel.
Cons: The syringe stoppers don’t have a good place in the grass. We usually stick them in a bowl or on a towel nearby.
Cost: $15

Product: Drying Mat
Pros: Lots of colors to chose from, easy to clean, wicks away moisture and keeps drying area clean and sanitary for cleaning bottles, syringes, etc.
Cons: A little bigger than a standard dish towel. It does take up a bit of counter space. If I had a cramped kitchen I would probably not use this.
Cost: $10


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Feeding Methods

Product: Continuous
Pros: Easier to manage reflux
Cons: Requires a pump, long connection periods
Cost: N/A

Product: Farrell
Pros: Helps reflux, allows increased rate
Cons: Positional, hard to find product and info
Cost: N/A

Product: Gravity/Bolus
Pros: Can save time, no pump needed
Cons: Reflux
Cost: N/A

Feeding Pumps

Product: Kendall Kangaroo Joey
Pros: Choices in bags, lots of features, table top or pole mount option
Cons: Harder to carry around than the Zevex (bigger, heavier, no back pack)
Cost: $1050

Product: Zevex Enteralite Infinity
Pros: Small, available, amazing battery, special back pack
Cons: requires special bags, easy to error, pole mount only
Cost: $1500

Feeding Tubes

Product: AMT Mini GTube
Pros: Low profile
Cons: Not readily available, poor extension design
Cost: $200

Product: AMT Mini One – non balloon
Pros: Smaller area needed inside the stomach. We see an improvement in leaking. Sits closer to the skin & lower profile than other buttons.
Cons: Requires special tools for placing & removing, custome order with DME & takes a while to come in stock. The extensions are harder to get in & out.
Cost: Not sure

Product: Foley Catheter GTube
Pros: Available
Cons: Hangs out of stomach (can get caught on stuff), requires a lot of taping and dressing to keep in place
Cost: $1-10 each

Product: Mic-Key GJ Tube
Pros: Dual ports, low profile
Cons: Required xray to place, j port easily clogs, positional
Cost: ?

Product: Mic-Key GTube
Pros: Low profile, available, easy to use
Cons: Leaks are common
Cost: $300


Product: Enfamil Lipil
Pros: Available, affordable
Cons: Has to be mixed
Cost: $85/6 12.5 Ounce Powder

Product: Functional Formularies – Liquid Hope
Pros: Worlds first shelf stable organic whole foods feeding tube formula and meal replacement. 17 different organic whole foods ingredients. Vegan & dairy free, gluten free, GMO free, BPA Free Package, No sugar added, two year shelf life, based on the functional foods model, One 12 oz pouch is a nutritionally complete meal for an adult. Typically a child, depending on their nutritional needs, can get two or three meals out of one pouch. Some of our customers have been able to obtain insurance coverage already.
Cons: Being a real food formula, some adjustments may need to be made for certain tubes. Please see our FAQ page for more information.
Cost: One 12 oz pouch is $7.99

Product: Nestle Nutren Jr.
Pros: Cans, easy on stomach
Cons: Cans, hard to find
Cost: $45/24 8 Ounce Can

Product: Nestle Peptamen Jr.
Pros: Elemental, cans
Cons: Cans, very hard to find
Cost: $170/24 8 Ounce Can

Product: Nutramigen AA Lipil
Pros: Elemental
Cons: Hard to find, smells awful
Cost: $65/1 14.5 Ounce Powder

Product: Pedisure Peptide 1.0
Pros: It has saved my sons life. He struggles with solid oral feedings and three right ounce bottles of the peptide a day gives him all the nutrition he needs to stay healthy.
Cons: Though it offers everything my son needs in a day it suppresses his hunger and speech therapy is a very slow moving process. My son can not get off peptide until he eats solid foods orally but the cycle continues because he is just not hungry.
Cost: $166 per case (24 – 8 fl oz bottles)

Stoma Care

Product: Antibiotic Oinments (Bacitracin, Neosporin, e
Pros: Available, affordable
Cons: greasy
Cost: $3-5/per ounce

Product: Julias GTube Pads
Pros: Very absorbent, lots of kid designs, reusable
Cons: There is not a direct buy link on the site. Easy enough with email though.
Cost: $25 per dozen

Product: Silver Nitrate
Pros: Works well with granulation tissue
Cons: Can easily harm healthy skin
Cost: $20/per 100

Product: Split Gauze 2×2 (4×4 also available)
Pros: Disposable, available
Cons: Do not hold much, require tape to keep in place
Cost: $220/case of 700

Product: Steroid Creams
Pros: Helps heal
Cons: Allergies
Cost: $4/per ounce


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Bath Chairs

Product: Flamingo bath chair
Pros: Soft washable liner. Offers complete support. Can double as a toileting system
Cons: Isn’t covered by all insurance because it can be considered a toileting system.
Cost: $800+

Product: Leckey
Pros: Soft seat, removable for cleaning, head and leg support, lots of colors
Cons: Hard to adjust
Cost: $500

Product: Otter Bathing System
Pros: Safety straps, adjustable head and foot, washable cover
Cons: adjustment bar breaks easily, bulky
Cost: $225.00-$700.00

Product: Snug Seat Manatee
Pros: Soft, adjustable, head and leg support
Cons: Fabric can stain
Cost: $500

Car Seats

Product: Britax Car Seat
Pros: We only use it occasionally since we have an accessible van and transport in her chair mostly. It works okay when needed.
Cons: Very big and bulky. I think with a larger child leg room could be a big issue.
Cost: $200-400

Product: Columbia
Pros: It was covered through our CAP program. Very easy to adjust.
Cons: Kind of big.
Cost: $1500-2000

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Product: Recaro Monza
Pros: We have the Recaro Monza and my son loves it. It even has a foot rest which has to be more comfortable than his legs just hanging there.
Cons: Not as common, so not a lot of people know about it or carry it.
Cost: $1000-1200

Product: Roosevelt SN Car Seat
Pros: Our child is pretty small, 38 1/2″ and 32 lbs, she had the Britax traveler plus till just recently and when we went in for a check the said she still had plenty of room but since she has absolutely no head or trunk control they said she needed a different seat and ordered her the Roosevelt! We love it! It supports her amazingly well. It comes with a ball cap type system that the hat velcros to the back of the seat but it is really intended for kids who have some head control and just needs a tiny bit of extra support. We loved the Britax as well but we can see a huge difference in support between the 2.
Cons: If you have a small car and other ppl need to be in back seat it could be a problem, it is huge and bulky. We still have to use her Hensinger collar in it,
Cost: $900-1200

Product: Special Tomato Car Seat
Pros: we recently got a special tomatoes car seat and LOVE it. Easy to clean, adjustable, good color options
Cons: Expensive, big, can get hot in the sun
Cost: $1200-1750


Product: DWR-6
Pros: Folds up/down easily
Cons: Heavy
Cost: $217

Product: Eagle 1794
Pros: Small, durable
Cons: Small
Cost: $60



Product: Bean Bag Chair
Pros: We bought a bean bag chair on for 299 they are big bean bag chairs that fold out into a bed. He loves it. We also found one at walmart for 30 that he likes called the big joe. He sits good in that too.
Cost: $20-1000

Product: Chill Out Chair
Pros: Comes in several sizes and has antibacterial cover and ottoman attached. Very expensive but insurance may cover it with a or prescription.
Cost: $1750

Product: Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker
Pros: I have a toddlers chair that has a kickstand for reclining for my son he is also CP with spasticity and low tone also
Cost: $60

Product: Papason Chair
Pros: We use a popason chair works great and was affordable
Cost: $150

Product: Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter
Pros: We have used the special tomato soft touch sitter for 4 years(wayyyyy cheaper than a regular special tomato seat). You can get it on with the base for $299 & free s&h & you can use bill me later on paypal for 6 mon no interest (pay $50 per month & it does not cost anything extra!) This is our everyday go to, take it to restaurants, sits in big part of a shopping cart (without base of course), outdoor events, etc. He loves it & its easy to carry around. Recently they added an optional headrest for $50 more if they need more head support, but the chair is molded to kind of coccoon them around the edges. It is a high density foam, covered with waterproof fabric.
Cost: $450

Product: Squiggles Early Activity System
Pros: Love it! My son in non-ambulatory and cannot sit unassisted. We use it a lot for side-lying and play. Definitely recommend.
Cons: Only for little ones, does not work well for larger kids. A little pricy if you are not able to get it covered.
Cost: 1000-1500

Product: Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat
Pros: Full tilt range, easy to clean, comfortable
Cons: No leg support, other than tilt no adjustments
Cost: $1500-2500

Product: Versaform Positioning Pillow
Pros: We used a Versaform pillow that can mold to your childs body as needed. You use a handheld pump to remove air and mold then release air to reshape. It is great especially when they are small and have no head control.
Cost: $125


Product: Prime Superstand
Pros: Very adjustable, color options
Cons: Heavy
Cost: $2200-3000


Product: Kid Kart TLC
Pros: Fully customizable, forward or rear facing, lots of kid colors available
Cons: Horrible weather cover
Cost: $2500-10000 (depending on options)

Product: Leckey MyGo with OttoBock Kimba Spring Stroll
Pros: Highly adjustable, tilt-in-space, 4 color options, many optional accessories for customization
Cons: heavy(50+ lbs), wide, expensive, tools needed to adjust, chair does not fold for transportation
Cost: $1,500.00-$7,000.00 Depending on accessories

Product: Maclaren Major Push Chair
Pros: We use the Mclaren folding special needs stroller as well – great for travel. I highly recommend it.
Cons: Since it folds up it is not quite as sturdy as other SN strollers.
Cost: 550

Product: Maclaren Major Special Needs Stroller
Pros: Mclaren makes a great special needs stroller. We have had ours for years. Ours his up to 125 lbs so we will be able to use it a long time.
Cons: It is very expensive but we found one on eBay for $400 and it was new. List price is $700+.
Cost: $400-700

Product: Mutsy Urban Rider (4Rider)
Pros: Very adjustable, supports head and legs, rear or forward facing, lots of colors
Cons: Expensive, not available in most stores
Cost: $300-800 (depending on options)

Product: Snuggingo Too
Pros: A must for our kids with low muscle tone. Place in a stroller or seat for immediate control, keeping the head from falling to the side and body in line too. Plus, has a lower piece that keeps child from sliding down.
Cons: Can be a pain to clean. Have to remove all the sponges and wash fabric. I have to watch the product illustration video every time!
Cost: $40

Product: Zippy Voyage
Pros: We love this, it has worked great for our child.
Cons: Very expensive if not able to get covered by insurance
Cost: 2300


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Oral Care

Product: Orajel Baby Toothbrush set
Pros: Available every where, affordable, kid designs
Cons: No suction attachment
Cost: $6.50

Product: Sage Suction Toothbrush System
Pros: Suction attachment, toothette on one side brush on the other
Cons: Expensive, hard to find, suction is all the way through so the pressure is not great, no kid design or smaller size
Cost: $600-700/case of 100

Product: Sonicare toothbrush
Pros: Small head that fits inside the mouth. Head is smaller than on the children’s model. Nice soothing vibration and cleans teeth very well.
Cons: The price but very well worth it!
Cost: $39.99

Product: Summer Infant Gentle Vibration Toothbrush Set
Pros: Low costs, the nonbristle head is easy to clean and works great for teething pain and oral input. Generally available in most grocery or other stores that carry baby items.
Cons: Requires batteries, and can not be recharged. But for a low cost toothbrush and a good batteries, its not a big deal at all.
Cost: $20


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Product: Curity
Pros: Available
Cons: Plasticy, leaky
Cost: $69/per 176 diapers (.39 each)

Product: Cuties
Pros: Soft, good quality
Cons: Not available at stores (that I have seen)
Cost: $69/per 176 diapers (.39 each)

Product: Goodnites
Pros: I use Goodnites for my son. He is 80lbs with skinny legs. I use them for during the day and they hold up well
Cons: Pull up style, not available in traditional diaper style
Cost: $20 for 35 diapers

Product: Huggies
Pros: Absorbent
Cons: A little plasticy
Cost: $31.50/per 126 diapers (.25 each)

Product: Pampers – Easy Ups Training Pants
Pros: Comfortable, super absorbent, no issues with rash/allergy, true to size
Cons: A bit expensive, sides rip easily
Cost: $29.00/case (.29-.37c Each) Depending on pack

Product: Pampers Baby Dry
Pros: They have an extra layer of absorbency than regular pampers and are just as comfortable as the cruisers. They are usually less expensive as well. They are advertised as an overnight diaper but we use them during the day. Why buy two kinds of diapers
Cons: None that I know of
Cost: $33.03

Product: Pampers Cruisers
Pros: Soft, absorbent, high waist
Cons: I do not know of any
Cost: $41/per 140 diapers (.29 each)

Product: Prevail
Pros: Superior protection, cloth exterior so no rashes from contact with plastic, some have a line so you know when they have been peed in, re-closeable tabs. They come in youth sizes and adult XS in some models. If you aren’t sure what size or model would work best, call and ask for some samples. Customer service is excellent!!
Cons: None that I can think of.
Cost: $40/case of 60 but varies based on size and m

Product: Up&Up Target brand diapers
Pros: Inexpensive, readily available, gathered back and legs, cute design, doesn’t irritate skin, overall effective diaper.
Cons: Occasionally leaks, not a good overnight diaper for older kids. Only available up to size 6.
Cost: $25 – 28 for a bulk pack box


Product: 3-in-1 Toilet Trainer Potty Seat
Pros: Higher handles for kids that have a hard time reaching the lower handles on the character seats. Steps to help get to the toilet are built in. Easy to clean
Cons: Not available with characters so it’s a little less “fun” but still very kid friendly colors and style.
Cost: $25-50

Product: Camping Cot
Pros: Great for on the go when a larger child needs to be changed and there is not a changing area available. Can be folded up and kept in the car to use as needed.
Cons: Large, and there is not always a great place to set these up. They are better than the floor of a public restroom, but sometimes you have to set them up in a more public setting and try to shield your child while changing their diaper
Cost: $50-200

Product: Yoga Mat
Pros: You can get all colors and sizes. These are a great tool to carry for larger children/adults in diapers. You can easily roll it out and have a safe, clean environment to change. They are usually pretty easy to clean as well. Provide more padding than just a blanket.
Cons: If the floor is dirty, they can get really nasty. They are not designed for heavy use, so you may need to replace them at least once a year if you use them for this purpose. Totally worth it instead of changing a diaper on a dirty floor.
Cost: $20-100

Swim Diapers

Product: Pull Ons/Pool Pants
Pros: We use both the pull ons and the pool pants. Love them!
Cons: Online ordering only
Cost: $10-25

Product: Swim-sters Swim Diapers
Pros: We have always ordered from My Pool Pal directly and love them.
Cons: We order two of the reusable ones at a time, a bit pricy but so worth it.
Cost: $18

Product: UPF 50+ Reusable Ultimate Swim Diaper
Pros: We order from water safety products. they are more durable than any others we have tried.
Cons: Have to order online.
Cost: $12


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Product: Colic Calm
Pros: all natural, liquid, tastes midly sweet, WORKS FAST!
Cons: The liquid is black from the vegetable charcoal and it stains.
Cost: $25.45 per bottle including shipping


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Product: AFO
Pros: Design/color options, custom made
Cons: Velcro gets messy over time, inner pads start to stink
Cost: N/A


Product: AFO- KAFO Socks
Pros: Seamless, extra long
Cons: Colors only available in kid sizes.
Cost: $12.50 per pair

Product: Aircast
Pros: You can get a local vendor to make these custom so she will have the ability to bend the elbow but you can limit the range so she cannot reach her mouth. It helps maintain mobility in the elbow while allowing some restrictions as well. I know some with lesch Nyhan who had these made and they work amazingly!
Cons: Very expensive
Cost: $800

Product: Bamboo Brace
Pros: The Bamboo Brace is great & thin with the ability to adjust the stiffness or flexibility you need.
Cost: $50-100

Product: Benik Hand Splint
Pros: Custom fit, color options
Cons: Hot
Cost: $150-200

Product: Comfy Hand Splint
Pros: Very soft. This was a great solution for us since my daughter has horrible skin breakdown with the rigid splints. It provided more support than the neoprene style but was still soft and easy on her skin. She actually likes wearing these. Covers can be thrown in the washer. Easy to reform and no need to have it done in a clinic- you can reform at home as needed.
Cons: Very bulky. While wearing the splint her hands can not do anything else. Since it is so bulky, the thumb location is not ideal (better than nothing, but hard to get set just right).
Cost: Not Sure

Product: Custom Splints
Pros: Custom
Cons: Not a lot of colors
Cost: N/A

Product: Joe Cool Glove
Pros: Color options
Cons: Hard to size
Cost: $25-30

Product: McKie Thumb Splint
Pros: Easy to use, easy to fit, affordable
Cons: Only thumb support
Cost: $18-23

Product: Medi-Kid Pedi-Wraps
Pros: great and can easily fit under MOST sleeves…we love them for our son when we are doing trach care or something where we do not need his little hands helping…and they are great for therapy (as intended) to help with prop sitting!
Cost: $30-75

Product: Posey Mitts
Pros: Good for severe hand chewers.
Cons: NOT incognito (we call our sons posey mitts “Snoopy Paws”) – plus really creative kiddos can get them off fairly easily – you have to be more creative than they are about keeping them on!
Cost: $30-50

Product: Snuggle Wraps
Pros: Very affordable, lots of colors and prints to chose from.
Cost: $15-30

Product: SureStep SMO
Pros: Lightweight, flexible, fit well, cute designs, allows more growth and adjustability than custom SMOs, readily available and ready-made.
Cons: Ready-made, not custom fit to your child’s foot/ankle. (Personally haven’t found this to be a detriment.)
Cost: ~$1000.00


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Product: Estate Planning – Trust Attorney
Pros: Lots of experience, customized program, flexible scheduling, convenient location
Cons: Expensive, not a fun thing to do
Cost: Varied based on services needed

Medical Alert

Product: Care Medical History Bracelet
Pros: Instant access to your health history, Information stays organized, updated, Private, portable, durable, waterproof, inexpensive
Cons: The size runs a bit small
Cost: $20.00

Product: Medical Alert Sports Bracelet
Pros: Kid designs, well made, customizable
Cons: Only one sided engraving on the sports band
Cost: $25

Medical Furniture

Product: Armedica Mat Therapy Table
Pros: Sturdy, perfect height, lots of color options, easy to clean
Cons: Heavy to move, shipping was expensive
Cost: $420

Product: Medline Over Bed Table
Pros: adjustable, easy to clean
Cons: few color/finish choices, not solid built
Cost: $75

Medical Storage

Product: Ikea Book Case
Pros: Customizable, sturdy
Cons: Not every town has an IKEA, there are only a few finishes available
Cost: $90-200

Product: Oxygen Storage
Pros: Keeps all of our tanks together and out of the way. Works with all tank sizes. Only takes up the space of the tanks nothing extra. This is much better than the big plastic bin we used to use or leaving them all just stacked in the corner to fall over all the time.
Cons: Hold 6, and takes up the space of 6 even if you only have 3. A little bulky if you have to move your tanks around a lot.
Cost: $40

Product: Rolling Drawers
Pros: Affordable, available every where
Cons: Flimsy, not customizable
Cost: $20-50


Product: Avent Phillips Baby Monitor
Pros: Very reliable, the lullaby feature is nice, good signal & battery strength.
Cons: Expensive, baby monitors really should be covered by insurance.
Cost: About $100

Product: Bug Repellent Bracelets
Pros: These work really well. Easy to put on an ankle or wrist. Much better than covering my kid in a spray when she can’t close her eyes or mouth. No foul odor to deal with either.
Cons: The only last a day, and they are not as strong as some of the sprays.
Cost: $10 for 10 or $30 for 50


Product: Otoscope
Pros: great for home use with kids that have chronic ear issues. Our daughter has infections a few times a year. We use the otoscope with cleaning after her bath to keep an eye on things to stay ahead of major issues.
Cons: The light is a little dim and the visibility is not as nice as the professional grade ones you see in clinics. For home use though, we are able to see enough.
Cost: ~$40

Product: Sleepy Time Headrest
Pros: We LOVE these. If your child cannot support his head this works beautifully. Machine washable, lots of colors/prints to chose from.
Cons: Not covered,
Cost: $36-46


Product: Digital Thermometer
Pros: Available every where, affordable, easy to use
Cons: Slows down and may end up taking a while to get a read
Cost: $3-10

Product: Exergen Temporal Thermometer
Pros: Easy to use, Easy to read, Quick
Cons: Not available in most stores
Cost: $33

Product: V940R-N Vicks Pro-Style Thermometer
Pros: Easy to use, Easy to read, Quick
Cons: Chord is a little short, retraction on the chord does not always work
Cost: $20

Product: V971N Vicks Ear Thermometer
Pros: Very fast, Nice read out
Cons: Kind of odd shaped in your hand, ear placement is very specific and hard to get each time, inaccurate reading if not placed perfectly
Cost: $55


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Product: Respironics BiPAP Plus
Pros: Quiet, heater
Cons: No controls, limited alarms
Cost: $1300

BiPAP Accessories

Product: Neotech ChinStrap
Pros: Soft fabric, adjustable, fits babies and small children. We have tried all of the “small” or child sized chinstraps available, and all were too big for our daughter. Neotech finally came out with a product that will work to keep chins up and bipap/cpap mask in place. You can request free samples as well to see which size will work best for you. We use ours from time to time to help with stridor as well.
Cons: No color options yet, hopefully soon. We may have to work with our DME and Neotech when the new color options come out to be sure we can get these covered. Luckily Neotech is usually very helpful to make things like this happen.

Product: ResMed Quattro Full Face Mask
Pros: Small
Cons: Clips are a little tricky, nose support is large
Cost: $176

Product: Respironics Disposable BiPAP Mask
Pros: small, easy access clips
Cons: Not available
Cost: N/A

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Product: Tiara Ruby Head/Chin Strap
Pros: Soft, comfortable fabric
Cons: Hard to get on, no clips
Cost: $20


Product: Pari ProNeb Ultra II
Pros: Quiet
Cons: Slow
Cost: $60-80

Product: Respironics Inspiration
Pros: Fast
Cons: Loud
Cost: $35-50

Pulse Oximeters

Product: BCI 3303
Pros: Easy to use, small
Cons: Discontinued, poor cable design
Cost: $850

Product: Masimo Rad-8
Pros: Available, lots of settings
Cons: Large
Cost: $1250


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Suction Catheters

Product: Red Rubber Urethral Catheter
Pros: Soft, flexible
Cons: No number/length guide, no thumb control
Cost: $1/each

Product: Suction Catheter
Pros: Depth guide, thumb control
Cons: Stiff, hard plastic
Cost: $1/each

Suction Machines

Product: Devilbiss
Pros: Widely carried in the US, standard parts, durable
Cons: Very loud, heavy, poorly designed pressure control
Cost: $350

Product: Laerdal
Pros: Standard parts, battery tester and gauge
Cons: Heavy, loud, soft travel bag was unusable
Cost: $1000

Product: Medela Clario
Pros: Lightweight, very quiet
Cons: Non-standard canisters, no longer sold in US
Cost: $450 US (discontinued), $750 CA

Product: SP Medical MSUA-01
Pros: Standard parts, is fairly quiet
Cons: Stationary, open design
Cost: $180

Suction Tips

Product: Little Suckers
Pros: Soft, flexible, thumb control, small
Cons: Not readily available
Cost: $75/case of 50

Product: Yankauer
Pros: Available
Cons: No thumb control, hard, claw like tip
Cost: $47.50/case of 50


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Occupational – Oral

Product: Chewy Tube
Pros: Great for the “after pacifier” stage.
Cost: ~$10

Product: EZ Spoon
Pros: small
Cons: small
Cost: $13

Product: Jigglers
Pros: Cute designs
Cons: Hard vibration
Cost: $50

Product: Nuk Brush
Pros: Easy to find
Cons: No options
Cost: $4

Product: Ps and Qs
Pros: Scented, lots of color options, easy to hold
Cons: I do not really know
Cost: $6

Product: Z Vibe
Pros: Lots of attachments, easy to use, easy to clean
Cons: Proprietary battery ($3-5 each)
Cost: $70

Speech – Communication

Product: Battery Interrupters
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Only available is As and/or C cells
Cost: $13 each

Product: Credit Card Switch
Pros: Light weight, almost flat
Cons: The plastic cover is not a great texture for resting your hand. It is bigger than a credit card, but not huge.
Cost: $38

Product: Leaf Switch
Pros: Light weight, simple design
Cons: The activation is not as sensitive as we expected.
Cost: $22

Product: Mercury Switch
Pros: Light weight, compact design
Cost: $25

Product: Movement Sensor Switch
Pros: Adjustable- both the angle as well as the sensitivity. Offers different types of activation (time, latch, on/off).
Cons: You have to be a couple inches from the sensor to activate. The pickup range is very small. There is no feedback on activation other than what you are activating.
Cost: $88

Product: Pillow Switch
Pros: Lots of colors and patterns, affordable
Cons: Not very durable
Cost: $40

Product: Power Select
Pros: Allows different ways to use your switch, takes in 2 switches with 2 plugs per, easy to use, build well
Cons: Only one of the inputs can work at a time. The plugged in item must be simple on and off only.
Cost: $175

Product: Programmable Switch
Pros: Easy to program
Cons: The switches we have seen are a little picky. You have to completely release them in order to resignal the input.
Cost: $160

Product: Swifty
Pros: Plug and Play, small
Cons: Easy to loose
Cost: $84

Product: Toggle Switch (also called Wobble)
Pros: VERY Sensitive, thin handle great for tiny hands, cleans easy
Cons: Sensitivity wears down over time
Cost: $67


Product: Apple iPad
Pros: Easy to use, great battery life, portable
Cons: A little expensive
Cost: $499

Product: Invisiboard
Pros: Simple design, folds up nicely, quiets enviroment
Cons: Can be damaged easily
Cost: $134

Product: Little Room- The Noisy Box
Pros: Very customizable, very stimulating
Cons: hard to get in and out of, odd size to store
Cost: $325

Product: Mini Light Box
Pros: Adjustable brightness, rechargable, switch adapted
Cons: Limited accessories
Cost: $160

Product: Resonance Board
Pros: Easy to clean, provides lots of feedback
Cons: Big, hard to store
Cost: $250-500


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Stores and Brands

Product: Abilitations
Pros: Good selection
Cons: Not the best online shopping
Cost: Fair

Product: American Printing House for the Blind
Pros: Best prices
Cons: Limited selection, not the best online shopping
Cost: Low

Product: Enabling Devices
Pros: Good seleection, great site
Cons: I do not really have any
Cost: Fair

Product: Naartjie
Pros: Soft fabrics, well made
Cons: Sizes run big
Cost: Fair

Product: Snuggie
Pros: Soft fabrics, print options
Cons: Kind of cheesy
Cost: $12-20

Product: TFH
Pros: Some unique items
Cons: A little higher cost, and smaller selection
Cost: A little high

Product: The Learning Journey – Early Learning
Pros: High quality
Cons: Limited selection
Cost: Fair