Tales From Home Health

In the world of extreme parenting we often find many people in our homes to help in the care of our child. This may include a nurse, an attendant, teachers, therapists, social workers or even clergy. Over time we find that there are some pretty funny and some pretty scary stories that come from home health interactions.

This program is purely for entertainment purposes. We do not intend to identify any of the individuals in these stories. We offer a virtual “flip book” for your reading pleasure. One side of our book offers stories that are uplifting and/or funny while the other side may be read over a campfire to scare your friends and/or warn people of some of the unexpected situations we have found ourselves in.

If you have a story of your own to share, we would love to hear from you. Share your story HERE.

While these are real stories, we do not intend for any of the characters to be identifiable. No last names, no identifiable characteristics, and we encourage the authors to use fake names if possible. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.