There are a few topics that seem to resurface more often than others. Here we “Round-Up” these topics and share more information to try to make things a little easier on you. These articles will cover a wide variety of topics. Some of the articles are written by MOM while others are written by guest writers. If you have a topic that you think our MOMs would like to see here or if you are interested in being a future guest writer, please email us.

Let's Get Real

Special needs parenting does indeed have its gifts.  It teaches us patience and resilience.  It forces us to be better people.  It forces us to find our voices, so we can advocate for our children. It opens the door to friendships with people we may never have ordinarily crossed paths with.  Every time...Read More »

All About Our Trick-or-Treat Program

As a mother of a child with complex medical needs I hear the same question ALL the time “Is there anything I can do to help?” or some variation of that question. Early on I would just say no, but thank you for asking. Over the years...Read More »

I just want to know WHY ....

Today at 10:48AM my phone rang.  It was the genetics counselor from Boston Children’s Hospital with the last of Elizabeth’s test results.  I had spent the last two months holding my breath, waiting for this call.  I stared at the phone for several rings, recognizing the number, unable to...Read More »

Meeting with a legislator

p>A few weeks ago, I wrote to our United States Congresswoman, Cathy Kastor, who represents the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Fl area. I have met with other legislators through the years but, this was the first time with a national representative. I saw,in her bio, that she was...Read More »

Searching for a Diagnosis - Hints and Tips

Some children with special needs may receive a diagnosis very early in life. Either in-utero, or at birth. If a child has obvious physical or medical issues such as a heart defect, a cleft palate, or respiratory issues, then a thorough medical “work-up” is generally undertaken. Some of these children...Read More »

I Hate the Term 'Special Needs'

I hate the term “special needs.” I mean, hate it. Can’t stand it. I don’t want my son to be labeled as such, and I refuse to be called a special needs parent.

That label is reserved for sick kids– severely sick kids. My kid isn’t sick. He’s not. He’s… not....Read More »

Hello all, I am one of your older bloggers, I just might be your oldest blogger on this site. So, if wisdom comes through age, then I got that goin on!!

Over 25 years ago, my husband and I became foster parents and were blessed with the ability to adopt...Read More »

What I want this Mother’s Day

I remember my first Mother’s Day well.  I was so excited to finally be celebrating as a new mom.  In my mind I built it up to be this glorious, amazing day.  I would sleep in late, be served breakfast in bed, and leisurely make my way to the living...Read More »

She Taught Me To Have Faith - In Myself

Faith. It’s one of those funny things. For each of us it means something a little different. Merriam Webster defines faith as a strong belief or trust in someone or something; belief in the existence of God; strong religious feelings or belief, or a system of...Read More »

A Different Perspective

I have always been a dreamer. When I became a social worker, I did so because I wanted to make a difference. My goal was to impact the lives of differently-abled children; I wanted each child that I worked with to know that they are not defined by...Read More »

Animal/Pet Therapy

“In an age of research when it is tempting to reduce human emotions to biochemical reactions and to rely heavily on the technology of medicine, it is refreshing to find that a person’s health may be improved prescribing contact with other living things. Members of the health and allied professions...Read More »

The Feldenkrais Method: Movement in Mind

In a comfortable, airy room strewn with exercise mats, a Feldenkrais teacher guides her students verbally, as they move their bodies slowly and gently. She invites them to explore a sequence of easy movements, and then to rest, noticing whether one of their legs feels longer than the other. Then,...Read More »

Whole Body Medicines for Special Kids

One of the major benefits of alternative medical practices is their actualization of methods that incorporate the whole body and all of its systems into diagnostic criteria and treatment methods. When looking at the body as ONE integrated system, rather than it’s component parts, patterns of illness and imbalance emerge....Read More »

Music Therapy

As a traveling music therapist, I spend all day driving through the Texas sun, hauling guitars, drums, and tambourines from house to house, but still the hardest part about my job is answering, “What is music therapy?”. The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) defines music therapy as the clinical...Read More »


I had a very weird thing happen today and thought I would share. First a little back story. We got a disabled parking placard for our daughter, Casey, MANY years ago (I think she was only 4-6 months old when we got our first one). Between...Read More »

What is Home Health?

Short answer –
Home Health is ANY medical service provided in one’s home. Home Health can be all types of things. Therapy services, nursing services, aids and attendants and hospice are some common forms of home health.

Therapy Services

Therapy services done in the home are pretty common, especially with children...Read More »

What is Cerebral Palsy (CP)?

Before we get started, a little about myself.  I am NOT a doctor, nor am I a trained medical professional in any way.  I am a mom.  My daughter, Casey, has very complex medical needs.  I joke with other moms of children with complex needs that not only...Read More »

How to talk to a SN parent

I am a mother of an amazing little six year old girl, Casey. Some may say she is medically fragile, some say she has special needs, some say disabled, and the list goes on and on.  We say she is Casey (or Princess Casey).  We know when...Read More »

Organizations for Miracle Kids

We would like to share/feature some FREE items that you can obtain for your little miracles. There are many wonderful organizations and individuals who are volunteering their time and efforts to bring joy into the lives of our children. If there are any that we missed, please comment...Read More »

How to Reduce Drooling?

Many of our kids deal with drooling and there are lots of different approaches to help. First off however, it is really best to determine where the drool is coming from.

Is the drool from salivary secretions? Is the drool from allergies? Is the drool actually refluxed food?...Read More »

Who's Who?

After having a child with special needs, you will find yourself learning a lot more about the medical field than you have ever imagined. It can be very confusing. Often times you need to see a specialist, but which one? Here is a quick guide that we...Read More »

Go Bags for Children with Special Needs

When most people hear the term “Go Bag” they think of either doomsday preppers or pregnant women.  These are both types of go bags, however, this article is referring to another type of go bag- “Go Bags for Children with Special Needs”.

A go bag is exactly what it...Read More »

How can I increase the calories in my child's diet?

There are many ways that one can increase calories. Before using any of these tips however, you should talk with your child’s doctor or dietitian to make sure that these are safe for your child.

There are 2 categories.
Food/Natural Substances(things you can go to your local grocer or...Read More »

Party Planning for Kids with Special Needs

Planning a party for any kid is a lot of work.  Planning a party for a child with special needs can be extra tricky.  It can be done though.  Each year I work very hard to try to come up with a wonderful birthday party for my daughter.  Over the...Read More »

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