Wear That You Care

There are so many different awareness programs for all of the different conditions and diagnosis. Wear That You Care is our way of breaking it down and keeping things simple. We list out all of the different awareness efforts, their websites, the ribbon color(s) and dates below. These are listed in chronological order (Jan-Dec).

If you have an awareness effort that you would like to add, please click on the purple plus sign and follow the instructions.

Condition Name Start Date End Date Recurrence Ribbon Color(s)
0-0 0-0
0-0 0-0
0-0 0-0
Neural Tube Defects 1-1 1-31 Green
Congenital Heart Defects 2-1 0-0 Month of February Red
Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2-7 2-14 The second week in February N/A
Angelman Syndrome 2-15 2-15 International Day Blue
Rare Diseases 2-28 0-0 Last day of Feb (Feb 28 and Feb 29 for Leap Years) Blue
POMC Deficiency (2p23.3) and Sim1 (6q16.3) Awareness 2-28 2-28 Annually Dark Blue
Cerebral Palsy Awareness 3-1 3-31 The month of March Green
Kidney disease 3-1 3-31 Month of March Green or orange
Battens Disease 3-31 3-31 Annually on Mar 31 Navy Blue & Orange
National Autism Awareness Month 4-1 4-30 The month of April Multi-Colored Puzzle
Organ donation 4-1 4-30 Month of April Blue and green
Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders 4-1 4-30 Zebra Stripped
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness 4-19 4-19 April 19th is CDH awareness day pink, blue and yellow with clouds
Pediatric stroke 5-1 5-1 May Purple
Williams syndrome 5-1 5-30 Williams Syndrome Awareness is the month of May Green
Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome 5-1 5-31 month of may purple and red
Cystic Fibrosis 5-1 5-31 The month of May Purple
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 5-1 5-31 The month of May Zebra Print
Cri du Chat Syndrome 5-4 5-10 2nd week of May as long at it includes May 5th blue
Cockayne Syndrome 6-1 6-30 Month of June Blue (and yellow)
Hydranencephaly Awareness Month 6-1 6-30 The month of June blue
Myasthenia Gravis 6-1 6-30 The month of June Teal
Hydrocephalus 9-1 0-0 All month of September Blue, light blue with water drop
Chiari Malformation 9-1 9-30 purple
Dystonia Awareness Month 9-1 9-30 Annually blue
Kleefstra Syndrome 9q34.3 deletion 9-17 9-17 september 17 turquoise
Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 9-20 9-27 The third week of September Green
Down Syndrome 10-1 10-31 The month of October Blue & Yellow
Rett Syndrome 10-1 10-31 The month of October Lavender
Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) 10-1 10-31 The month of October Blue
Spina Bifida Awareness Month 10-1 10-31 The month of October Yellow
Kabuki Syndrome 10-23 10-23 Bright green
Epilepsy Awareness 11-1 11-30 The month of November Lavender
FOXG1 Syndrome 11-1 11-30 Awareness month is November Orange
Infantile Spasms 11-2 11-8 First week in November Lavender
PCDH19 Female Limited Epilepsy 11-9 11-9 giraffe-print
Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1) 11-14 11-14 World Diabetes Day is Nov 14 Gray & Blue
Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome 12-7 12-7 World Awareness Day observed Dec 7 @ 5:10-5:15pm in all time zones Light Blue (with two daisies in the center for identical twins or three for triplets – may be white,