MOM Roles

Guest Blogger

We realize that many of our MOMs want to contribute, but are not able to commit to an ongoing effort. Our Guest Blogger role is the role for these MOMs. We offer suggested topics, or welcome you to write about what ever is on your mind. MOMs are welcome to submit as many Guest Blogs as they want – any time that they want. We will include links to your own pages/blogs with your Guest posts as well. After submitting your post for review, if it is selected it will be featured on our Round-Up section. Click here to submit your post.

MOM Facebook Admin

Mommies of Miracles has a very active Facebook page. The role of the Facebook Admin is to repost questions. resources, inspiration, photos, etc. The Facebook Admin is also responsible for removing spam, banning users that abuse the page, and watching comments to keep threads positive and supportive. Some content comes through as a Private Message; these are also managed by in this role. Facebook Admins are encouraged to follow other pages, sites, etc and share content they feel would benefit other MOMs. This role requires at least 5 hours a week (1 hour a day Monday-Friday). If you are not able to meet the time requirements, you may be better suited for other positions. Click here to apply.

MOM Regional Admin

Mommies of Miracles offers regional Facebook groups for local support and resources. At this time a region may be a state or non-US country. In the future we may develop smaller regions. As a regional admin you must first reside in the region they wish to represent. Regional admins are responsible for approving users to the group and/or removing users that cause issues or spam the group. For larger areas we recommend that each admin recruit additional admins to cover the different major cities and metro areas. Users are encouraged to get together for play groups, mom nights out, coffee, etc. The regional admin is not expected to coordinate these face to face gatherings, nor are they expected to attend. The role of the admin is to manage the group online. Your involvement offline is up to you. Regional Admins are expected to follow the main MOM wall and keep their users up to date on MOM activities as well as to share posts they feel may interest their groups. There is a separate Facebook group for all regional admins. In this group we share ideas on how to keep conversations going, help on how to deal with sensitive topics, share some great resources that may benefit other groups, etc. There is not a time requirement for this role, but if you have limited time we strongly recommend that you co-admin your region and share the load. Being that users will require approval, and the posts need to be monitored; even though there is not a minimum time requirement, this role is very time consuming. If you do not have time to dedicate to this and/or other regional admins to share the role, this may not be the position for you. Click here to apply.

MOM Blogger

Do you like to write? Do you think you have tips, perspective, a good sense of humor, etc that other MOMs would enjoy. We are looking for talented writers. Each blogger will be expected to produce one post per month for our Round-Up section. We can help provide topics. You are welcome to reach out to friends, family and/or your child’s care team to provide guest posts if you would like as well. Click here to apply.

MOM Pinner

Mommies of Miracles has a wonderful collection of pins on Pinterest. If you are as obsessed with pinning as we are and think you have some great pins to share, this may be a great role for you. Pinners are able to add to our existing boards as well as to add more boards for additional interest and categories. Not Currently Open

MOM Tweeter

Mommies of Miracles does not currently have a strong Twitter presence. If you are a Twitter expert and interested in helping to get MOM’s Twitter page into shape and reach more users we need your help. We not only expect our Tweeter to be active, but we also expect this role to communicate with the main admin team and help us to understand what changes are being made to enhance our Twitter presence. This role is really what ever you make it- we hope someone can make it great. Not Currently Open