Lavender Lanyards

Over the years, Mommies of Miracles has found that local networking is the most effective form of empowering mothers of children with special needs to become empowered advocates for their child, their family, and even themselves. Having a local at large network of Mommies of Miracles to seek out for direct support enhances advocacy and provides a platform for sharing common local resources.

Mommies of Miracles is proud to be launching a new program called “Lavender Lanyards”. Lavender Lanyards is a nationwide program intended to identify individual group members by wearing a lanyard in local areas where Mommies of Miracles may congregate such as pediatric hospitals, therapy centers, schools, and local attractions. Lavender Lanyards is our way of helping Mommies of Miracles easily locate and identify other Mommies of Miracles– visually – within their own community. Lavender Lanyards removes the “virtual support” aspect of our group and replaces it with an “in person” opportunity to create networking relationships and friendships.

Lavender Lanyards Program (a step-by-step guide)

  1. Buy a Lanyard from our website!
  2. Wear your lanyard.
  3. Play spot the lanyard at local places where MOMs congregate.
  4. Talk to other MOMs wearing their lanyards.
  5. Make friends, share, support!!

Repeat steps 1-5

Our lanyards come in a beautiful purple color with our new Mommies of Miracles logo and text printed in white. Each lanyard is (18 inches long- including the alligator clip) and weighs (.25 ounces- 7 grams). They are made of lightweight nylon and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

We know that raising a child who has special needs is extremely expensive, and Mommies of Miracles has always made a promise to our community to NEVER fund raise so we are offering these lanyards for production cost + shipping/packaging charges ($5 flat rate).[product id="4496"]

NEW!!! We now offer an option to purchase a badge holder with your lanyard, just $1 more!!! ($6 flat rate).[product id="4984"]

***Note: Lanyards are only available to contintental US residents at this time.

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