MOM Facebook Admin

This online training session is for people interested in becoming a MOM Facebook Admin.

We will start by going over a few high level clarifications, then this session will get into more specific examples as well as some follow up questions and a form to create your bio. Part of creating your bio will also require you to upload a photo. Please, be sure to have a photo of yourself available before continuing. This process will take at least 30 minutes. Please set aside time to sit down and fully participate in this session. Your comprehension of this content and responses to the follow up questions will help us to make the MOM Admin Team as strong and effective as possible.

Not ALL MOMs that complete this session will become admins. Depending on how many spots we are looking to fill, we may have many more applicants than positions. If you are not contacted to become an admin, your application will stay on file and we will contact you if future positions become available. Thank you, and let’s get started…

What we expect from you?

  • 100% Volunteer – We do NOT employ anyone
  • MUST be a primary caregiver to a child with complex needs
  • Ideally we will have volunteers in a variety of time zones, countries, and potentially multiple languages (none of these are required, but they do help)
  • Able to commit to at LEAST 1 hour a day Monday-Friday
    • We know there are times when our kids are in the hospital, we have a marathon day of appointments, etc. If this happens once a month or so, no big deal. However, if you have multiple days each week that you are not able to find any spare time, this may not be the best role for you. We do have other roles available that are a little less demanding.
  • Be able to share resources, tips, ideas, etc.
    • This can be things you see from other pages in your newsfeed, web searches, personal finds, anything that other MOMs may find interesting and/or useful
  • Be able to remain objective and keep opinions and personal beliefs separate
    • We will go over all of these more, especially this one.
  • Must be familiar with the MOM webpage and able to direct people to it when appropriate
  • Discretion is a MUST- there will be anonymous questions asked and it is very important that we all respect these individuals request/right to privacy and anonymity
  • Check in with the MOM team at least once a week
  • Requires a desktop connection- Facebook Admin duties can NOT be done on a mobile device, including tablets.
  • MUST have competent Facebook skills
    • Do not apply to be a Facebook admin if you are not already very up to speed on how Facebook works.

Being part of the MOM Admin Team

We take the MOM name and mission VERY seriously. We have worked very hard to build a name in the special needs community. We will not tolerate anyone using the MOM name without permission/training.

Once you have taken the online training and have joined the official MOM Admin Team you will be added to a “Secret” Facebook group. This group will have the MOM founder & president as well as other Facebook admins. In this group you will be able to talk to each other about MOM and Facebook in a private setting. This group allows us to ask each other questions. If you are not going to be able to log in (your child in the hospital, family is visiting, etc) please let us know in this group so that we can make sure things are covered.

The bio that you create at the end of this session will be added to our Staff page. We think it is important to have bios for all of our admins. This lets people put a name with the face. The bio also shares a little about our own miracles and background. Knowing that the admins are all coming from similar situations helps to build trust and communication on the site. You do not have to tell your entire life story, but at least a little to let others know that you “get it”. If you are not willing to do this, this role is not for you.

Facebook Policies and Practices

You will want to become familiar with the link above. This link we share with our users often to remind others as to why we will or will not repost certain content.

Private Messages (PM)

  • ALL content that we repost from a PM is anonymous.
  • We do NOT share pictures sent via PM.
  • If someone sends us a PM and includes any personal page links, those links are removed
  • If someone sends us a PM and includes their name/signature, that is removed
  • ANY S4S (Share for Share) is automatically deleted. These requests are out of control at times. Our thoughts on S4S are simple. If someone has a resource that our community would be interested in, they will not ask us to do a S4S, but they will provide details about their resource. Anyone that is too lazy to elaborate on the request gets automatically removed. Also, most resources that people want to share that are actually relevant to our community are shared on the wall not via PM.

Wall Post

  • If someone has shared a photo on the wall, click share to share it on the MOM page. Then after it has been shared HIDE- do not delete- the image.
  • If someone shares a link/resource you can do 1 of 2 things.
    • Share it like you would a picture, but copy any context they provided in addition to the URL before clicking on share. Then when the share screen comes up paste that content into the box. After you finish, hide the original post.
    • Copy the entire context, including the URL and then in a new status box paste the entire section and note who shared the information on our wall. After you paste the context, delete the original post
  • To repost questions, comments, etc copy the context of the post and paste the context in a new status box. Then right click on the name of the person that posted the question and copy the link to their profile. At the end of the pasted context in the status window, paste the link to the poster’s profile page. After you are done, delete the original post.

Things to Avoid and “Gray Areas”

There are some areas that we avoid and will remove from the wall without reposting. We will not post anything that is slanderous, malicious, or controversial. These all go very bad very quick. Some controversial topics include immunizations, any political content, we try to stay away from posts that indicate CPS or other legal issues are involved. There is not a hard and fast rule on what to and not to repost. If there is something you feel may be controversial, but you are not sure, ask in the MOM Admin group and we can help. Often, we remove/delete these posts from our wall. Sometimes we may post something and then babysit it. Do not post something that needs to be babysat unless you plan to sit and monitor comments or have made sure another admin can do so.

We do NOT post personal fundraisers of any kind. We get a TON of requests, but this is not the purpose of MOM. We are here to support, not fund. All of us are parents of children with medical expenses. If we post one child’s fundraiser, we will have to post them all and then our entire wall will be nothing but links to fundraisers. The questions and people seeking support will not be able to find what they need. Any of this type of post on the wall of PM should be deleted right away.

The same goes for personal pages. There are a lot of great writers out there, and blogging is a very therapeutic way to deal with the stresses in our lives. However, if we share one, we have to share them all. A lot of people just want us to share their page to get more “likes”. This is not what we do. We will occasionally post a status and welcome people to COMMENT with their personal links, but we do not repost these as a general rule. There is a little wiggle room with this, there is no wiggle room with fundraising. A child may be going through a really serious surgery, and the family may ask for prayers and share their child’s page for more info, that we do allow. Someone may share a picture of their child and include their page in the details, that’s also fine. Some people will have a blog post that really hits home and we think it is worth sharing. That is really up to your discretion.

We do NOT share any type of “Vote for Me” requests. There is always some contest going on that people want to share their entry for votes. This is just like the fundraisers- there is no wiggle room. We do not ever and will not ever share these. Any of this type of post on the wall of PM should be deleted right away.

Another type of posts we see a lot if pyramid schemes. Join my team and work from home. We will get occasional posts asking for suggestions on legitimate work from home ideas. We do not even repost those anymore. Yes, we know many of our families are looking for ways to make more money. However, we are not in the position to verify these links. That being said, we know there is a very high likelihood that these will not bring in much income, and many will actually costs our families money, time and stress. This is a topic we do not encourage at all.

You will see some profiles are frequent offenders. If the only behavior you see from them appears to be against our published policies, some people do need to be removed and banned from the group. We do not do this lightly, but we will not hesitate to do it when needed. The MOM Admin group is a great area to talk about abusers you may notice and see if others have noticed as well. We also keep a running log of who and why we remove/ban as well as abusers that we are watching but have not acted on as of yet.

For people that want to share their fundraisers, personal pages, etc. We will often suggest that they add their link to our resource guide and provide them with a link to do so. If you do offer this suggestion, instead of deleting the original post you can comment with your suggestion then hide the post from the wall. The poster will still be able to see your response. People that want to share their page to help raise awareness may be interested in writing a mi-RARE-cle as well. In the mi-RARE-cle entry they are able to share their story, their page as well as educate others on their child’s condition. We will often suggest this as well or in addition to the resource guide.


Now that you are up to speed on the general concept behind our Facebook page, let’s go over a few examples and see how you do. There may be more than one correct answer to these examples. We just want to get an idea of how you would handle things, so pick the answer you feel BEST fits the scenario.

Scenario 1-

Someone has posted a link on our wall. The link is to an organization in the Memphis area that is providing free respite to families in need once a month.

#1- What do you do? *

Scenario 2-

Someone shares a link to a specific post on their blog to our wall. They also tell you that they are sharing this post because after writing it many of their MOM friends told them how much the appreciated reading it. The post looks interesting and you find it very useful.

#2- What do you do? *

Scenario 3-

Someone has posted a question to our wall asking for advice on picking the best wheelchair. They give a little information of their needs and their child as well.

#3- What do you do? *

Scenario 4-

Someone sends us a PM. Their child has been having a really hard time with behavior out in public. They have tried everything they can think of and nothing seems to help. Their family and friends blame them and their lack of discipline for the child’s behavior and they are worried that it is getting worse. They want to know what other parents do for disciplining their special needs child.

#4- What do you do? *

Scenario 5-

Someone sends us a PM. Their child has been having a really hard time with behavior out in public. They have tried everything they can think of and nothing seems to help. Their family and friends blame them and their lack of discipline for the child’s behavior and they are worried that it is getting worse. They want to know what other parents think about spanking a child with special needs.

#5- What do you do? *

Scenario 6-

Someone has sent a PM. In this PM they have a very long detailed story about their current situation. The situation is that they are having financial issues and have set up a fundraiser. Then they include the link to their fundraiser page.

#6- What do you do? *

Scenario 7-

Someone posts to the wall all about how their life changed after having their complex child. They were no longer able to work and the bills started piling up. They tried everything they could think of, but at the end of the day they simply could not afford to be a stay-at-home parent and meet their financial needs. A friend of theirs told them all about this great way to make money from home when you have time. They would not usually share something like this, but they know there are other parents out there in the same situation. They then assure you that this is a legitimate source of income and that is has made a huge difference on their income and life. They include a link to the organization for us to share with other MOMs.

#7- What do you do? *

Scenario 8-

You are at the clinic with your child and you see another MOM there with her child. She has an app on her phone that the child seems to love.

#8- What do you do? *

Scenario 9-

You have one of those days planned. Between appointments, school, errands, and hopefully a bite to eat you know you will likely not sit down all day - much less sit down in front of a computer.

#9- What do you do? *

Scenario 10-

You have a VERY complex child. Each day you struggle not knowing if it may be your last day with him/her. Between the long list of specialists, therapists, etc you are doing all you can to try to find a minute to yourself for any kind of "normalcy". Your hear your non-SN friends complain about how hard it is because their child won't eat veggies, or talks back to their teacher. While listening to your friends you only become angry because you would do anything to have their troubles and they have no idea how lucky they really are.

Years have gone by and you have found a routine and support system that work for you. You have even decided to join Team MOM to try and offer a little bit back to parents that are going through the same thing.

Things are going well, and you really enjoy being able to give back to other MOMs. However, there seems to be a change in the conversations on the wall. Instead of being medically related, equipment, etc all of a sudden it seems as though every post you see is someone complaining about things that to you seem very minor- not walking more than 10 steps without falling at age 2, not speaking sentences- only words- at age 2, gaining too much weight in a short period of time, not able to get Make-A-Wish to grant a wish for their child as MAW claims the child does not qualify, etc.

#10- What do you do? *


We want to know more about you. This section is required. However, it is up to you how much you would like to share.

We will not share your physical nor email address, these are for our records ONLY.

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By marking the box below you certify that you are fully aware of the expectations that come with this role and that you agree to uphold the MOM name and standards as they have been laid out. *
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