Miracles AFOot

Miracles AFOot is a new collaborative effort from Mommies of Miracles, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc., and Church of the Redeemer United Methodist (Columbus, Ohio) to recycle ankle foot orthotics (AFOS) and AFO compatible shoes to provide these items to children in need in third world countries.

Orthotics and shoes should be in GOOD condition with no defects, tears, dirt, or missing pieces (i.e. cushioned inserts, straps, etc.) We will not accept any AFOs or shoes which are not in good useable condition, so please don’t send them. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the participant, and there is NO REIMBURSEMENT for your shipping costs. We have provided an address “cut-out” below that you can apply to your package. Questions should be directed to Anita Birk at Mommies of Miracles ONLY at: mommiesofmiracles@gmail.com

Ship to:

Arthrogryposis Families for Rwanda
via Mommies of Miracles
c/o Michele Schaffer
New Albany K-1
5101 Swickard Woods Blvd.
New Albany, OH 43054

Help us spread the word. Please feel free to email, print, share, etc a copy of our promotional flyer. Share it with your friends, doctors, therapists, anyone you wish. Thanks for helping us make a difference.

Miracles AFOot Flyer (PDF) Miracles AFOot Flyer (JPG)