A Welcome Message From Our Founder

momcollageWhen I found out that my seven month old son had a life-limiting diagnosis and that his brief life would be filled with severe challenges, my whole world came crashing down around me.  How did this happen?  What did I do wrong?  Why MY son?  Why ME?  I spent many months deeply rooted in grief, and even to this day, nearly eight years later, I have learned that grief is a constant companion. During those early months post diagnosis, I spent most of my time in shock, worry, and anger…all while spending every waking moment in the trenches of extreme motherhood.  My devastation was consuming as was my isolation, the more I tried to “fix” my son with every therapy, early intervention, and alternative cure-all I could find the more I realized my son’s situation and mine would not change.  Google was my best friend, and my very worst enemy.  I was living in an alternate reality not really aware that I was in this for the long haul…as if suddenly I would wake up from a nightmare…but I wasn’t asleep.  The world went on happily and “normally” around me but my dreams had stopped, and I didn’t know how to recreate them for my son, for my family, and for myself!   I knew that there had to be other moms just like me outside of the shrinking walls of my “safe” but very lonely home.  I knew that others moms may not have children with the same condition as my son but our grief would be the same, the loss of our dreams would be the same, and reinventing a new normal was something that perhaps, we could all figure out together?  In the summer of 2008, I started Mommies of Miracles with just four moms in a church garage, and here we are today nearly 60,000+ members and growing.

I welcome you to discover your own “new normal” with us here at Mommies of Miracles, a place where you will always find understanding, a place of belonging, a place of authenticity,  a place where your schedule always fits, a place where FREE support and resources are available  every day from the comforts of your own home… a place where mothers like you converge, a place where YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Welcome to Mommies of Miracles,
Anita Birk
Founder and 2014 Jefferson Award Recipient


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