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We have so many new MOMs in our community we would like to share with everyone how Mommies of Miracles works here on Facebook. First we would like to direct all of our MOMs to check out our website at www.mommiesofmiracles.com . We have many FREE services available, inspirational blogs, a reflection and prayer request page, physical groups directory, Care Notebook templates, and beyond. You can also check out the MOMs behind Mommies of Miracles on our bios page.


Joining the MOM Community:

When you “LIKE” Mommies of Miracles, you become a member of our community. And just like any facebook page you are welcome to like and unlike our community as often as you desire. There are no contracts, commitments, fees, or any other binding memberships. Mommies of Miracles is not a diagnosis specific community, though we often focus on our medically complex, rare/undiagnosed conditions, developmentally disabled, and terminally ill children. We also welcome MOMs from all walks of life who are dealing with children who have any type of “exceptional needs” including food allergies, ADHD, autism, epilepsy, and beyond.

Mommies of Miracles has such a tremendous following because we are a peer driven, Virtual Support Group. Regardless of your schedule or what hour of the day it is, we are here for you 24/7. All of our services are free and always will be (and we NEVER fundraise).


The Wall:

When you become a Facebook fan, our wall is open for you to use. We ask all of our MOMs to take time to read our Terms of Service/Disclaimer before posting. All of your posts automatically go to our “Posts by Others” wall. Because we want our MOMs to get the most out of our community, as a service, we repost all questions to our main wall with a link to your profile (we cannot “tag” you) so that you receive priority service and high exposure, which in turn generates feedback.

If you want to share a photo of your miracle, PLEASE share it directly on our wall. We can NOT share them from Private Messages. If you are unsure how to post a photo to our wall this article should help.


How to Ask Anonymous Questions:

For those MOMs who wish to ask questions on our wall ANONYMOUSLY, you must either private message us or email us at mommiesofmiracles@gmail.com . Facebook is “Social Networking” and very public. It is the internet. If you post to our wall, we will repost whatever you write, and link your profile to that post. However if you want to remain anonymous send your question in a PM or EMAIL. All PMs and Emails will be reposted as anonymous. Any personal information in the question (such as a facebook page link, or a signature) will be removed from the post. PM’s and emails may take up to a week or longer to repost since we keep our daily focus on our very high traffic wall.


What do we Repost, Leave on the Wall and/or Delete:

We get many posts containing personal blogs, care pages, fundraisers, photo contests, miscellaneous contests, and personal facebook page links. As a rule we DO NOT repost these to our main wall because we get SO MANY and our main service is getting MOMs answers to their questions. We are now deleting anything related to fundraising whether personal or for a larger cause. We welcome MOMs to utilize our Resource Directory at www.mommiesofmiracles.com/resources where you can list personal blogs, fundraisers, favorite resources and products.

Another great way to share your stories, promote awareness and educate on your child’s condition (or to ask for help in finding a diagnosis) is by submitting a mi-RARE-cle. We can include links to your personal sites in the author/contributor section at the bottom. You can submit your story at http://www.mommiesofmiracles.com/mirarecle/submit/.

Spam is always deleted. This includes anything involving products or services not related to the special needs community like Scentsy, Avon, Tastefully Simple, Thirty One, and beyond. We also delete work at home schemes, marketing of non-special needs related products and services, or anything we feel is not appropriate for our community and our mission.

As a general rule, we do not post controversial subject matter, politically charged commentary, or anything that is not appropriate (foul language, sexual content, abusive or violent language/conduct, discriminatory conduct, etc.). We also ask that our MOMs avoid topics that include vaccination debates, use of the “R” word, pro-life vs., pro-choice, or any other controversial topic that nearly 13,000+ women could never agree on fully.


What we ask of our MOMs:

Our mission is one of positivity in the face of monumental heartache, worry, and extreme parenting. Simply stated, if you have NOTHING to say that comes from a place of compassion and sensitivity, please refrain from commenting. We all have enough negativity in our daily lives, and MOM is a place to seek support and refuge for much of our community. Empathy is mandatory.

We also have an at large community of special needs adults who come to our page for support and hope. We welcome them and their invaluable life experiences whole-heartedly, and we ask everyone to be considerate of those who must type in all capital letters due to visual impairments, or those who cannot articulate fully due to cognitive challenges.

We reserve the right to delete posts and ban people from our page – without notice – for inappropriate content, or repeat postings of non-relevant content.

We are not a classified advertisement service. Any MOM who wishes to sell or exchange medical supplies, formula, adaptive equipment, etc. are encouraged to search local organizations willing to take donations, or online for medical supply exchange groups.


Who is Behind MOM:

Lastly, there are just four administrators of Mommies of Miracles behind the scenes. We ask MOMs to give us up to 24 hours to repost your questions, but usually we can get things reposted within a couple of hours. All four of us have medically complex children. Emergencies and hospital stays are often part of our daily lives, so most of all we ask for your patience. We aren’t perfect, but we truly want to please each and every one of you because we value all of you.

Here at Mommies of Miracles, we want each and every one of you to know that you never have to feel alone or misunderstood, and that you have a safe place to turn to when you need to cry, or laugh at this roller coaster of a ride that is this special needs parenting life.


We welcome all of you to Mommies of Miracles.
Virtual Support. Real Hope.

Anita Birk – Group Founder (Ohio)
Paige James (Florida), Marty Barnes (Texas), Tiffany Whalen (Oklahoma) – Group Administrators